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This Is How To Be Naruto In Clumsy Ninja

Ready to help an awkward ninja search for his friend? Download and enjoy Clumsy Ninja—a fun game similar to the likes of Talking Tom, but with added twist! Tap, drag, and interact with your “pet” ninja and his Sensei to teach him skills for XP and coins! This game has been around for a while, but it’s a fun app to pass the time. Ready to complete quests with this hapless, but amiable ninja? Ok here we go. 

This post is contributed by Harry Willis from Rouen Gamers, please feel free to give them a visit :).

Finish missions and train!

The game concept is simple, perform the tasks, learn new skills, and level up described on missions told by Sensei. Try out the trampoline, punching bag, and other ways to train to improve your ninja’s level. Moreover, you can try out different variants of these mini games and see which ones will make your ninja level up more quickly. However, do not forget that these activities have cool down periods, so you may have to wait to play another round.

Aim to move on from a light-coloured belt in the beginning to the next. You can achieve this by fulfilling quests and using your skills a lot more frequently.

Play daily!

Play seven consecutive days to earn bonuses that you can use for gaining XP and more. Every day, the bonus items will refresh and the longer succession you train your ninja, the more items you will eventually receive. So don’t forget to collect these once you logged in for the day. Also, with continuous play, you can unlock game features that allow you to earn more coins—like the chicken “coop” at level 10.

Level-up to unlock items and other game features!

Always work on levelling up to keep unlocking new items and other mini games. You’ll also earn gems when you move up each stage, and then use these gems to speed up the unlocking process. However, this is not advisable as gems are a bit hard to come by and you can use them for other more important things.

Focus on upgrading XP!

Tie and pop balloons for XP, but careful not to pop the dangerous Fiery balloon. Also, aim to make it to level 9 as soon as you can, so you can exchange a number of coins for more balloons to pop for XP.

Collect and spend currency wisely!

Don’t use coins to pay for repairs. The Sensei will fix the equipment for training that needs repair in time. You can spend your coins and gems to purchase other things (like the Sensei Balloon and the other cheaper or more expensive types for XP!) instead or even unlock new training tools and materials.

You can collect coins and gems by occasionally watching ads or linking your Clumsy Ninja account to your FB or Twitter. Additionally, always reserve gems for the most important things. Spend your coins first before using up your coins, since you can easily collect them by completing simple training tasks.

Repair before going idle!

If you want to take a break from the game, let Sensei take care of the repairs, so you won’t have to spend gems to repair training items. Also, you can make your break time work for you.

Reading for Pleasure and Enlightenment


After reading a novel, nonfiction work or biography, prepare a 5-7 minute speech that includes the following:

1. Introduction – attention-getter
2. Oral reading – one or two-page reading from your book including introductory or concluding explanation of context.
3. Author background – include reference to at least one critical source or review.
4. Conflict Analysis – refer to specific examples from your novel.
5. Theme – “Sometimes in life . . .”
6. Use quotes from your book, its author and reviewers to illustrate conflict and theme.
7. Your personal reaction/opinion/response to the novel.
8. Topic outline and Works Cited – submit to Turnitin.com


___ Introduction of selection (5)
___ Reading – Vocal Energy/Articulation/Posture/Gestures (10)
___ Author Information (10)
___ Discussion of conflicts and themes (10)
___ Personal Reaction (10)
___ Use of quotations from book, author or reviewer (5)
___ TOTAL (50)